Technical Due Diligence

MSC R&D provides ‘pre-investment’ support to third parties (e.g. Banks, VC’s, Private Equity companies, etc) who themselves require clarity and understanding of an organisations software engineering, architectures and software methodologies when engaging with ICT companies.

The focus of both the Technology Review and the Technology Audit is based on MSC R&D’s depth of expertise within the ICT sector and the experience of its professional personnel. MSC R&D’s technical analysts are highly qualified and their knowledge of systems architecture, design and development is unparalleled, enabling them to add real value in any assessment of an organisations technical prowess, systems efficiencies, architectural scalability and future reliability.

Technology ReviewThe focus will be a ‘fast track’ review. MSC R&D will begin this engagement by becoming familiar with the business as a whole and then casting this information into the various technological sections of the organisation.  MSC R&D will engage through a series of ‘face to face’ meetings, interviews and discussions so that the technological framework of the organisation is well articulated and documented. This is a quick turn-a-round (within 3-4 weeks from instruction to proceed) delivering a review of the software background of a company and its people. Steps 2 to 5 below are the critical activities within this engagement as this will provide the foundation of the organisations ICT environment.

Outline of key areas to be considered

  1. Business Overview
  2. Technology Platform & Software Architecture
  3. Technology Road Map
  4. Technological IP (Background & Foreground)
  5. Scalability & Security
  6. Management Skill Sets
  7. Technical Development Team Skill Sets
  8. Suitability for R&D Tax Relief / Innovation Grant Opportunities

Technology AuditWhere pre-investment or addition investment is a significant value this audit would include all of the points raised within the Technology Review above or could be a natural follow-on from the Technology Review. This is an in-depth ‘evidenced based’ audit into the various technological and market relevant sections of an organisation. This engagement will provide the foundation and future outlook of the organisations ICT environment so that its technological framework is well articulated and documented. The MSC R&D methodology will address all ICT systems and processes assigning priority to any ICT risk areas identified, providing the opportunity to make appropriate adjustments.

Outline of key areas to be considered

  1. Market Overview & Competitive Landscape
  2. Systems Overview
  3. Technology Road Map & Future Architectural Advances
  4. Technical Development Processes
  5. Suitability of Technical Processes & Tool Sets
  6. Suitability of Technical Process Documentation
  7. Service Support & Testing Environments
  8. Capability of Core team
  9. Technology Management & Risk Processes
  10. Analysis through SWOT & PEST